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The Pack A Purse project in December 2012 

The Watkins Hornets Youth Association participation in the Pack A Purse Drive for teenage girls in foster homes, group homes and homeless shelters. Coach Darby and Carlos attended a Pack A Backpack Drive for teenage boys in May 2012 and recommended that we participate in a similar drive for girls. 

The Pack A Purse project was started by a middle school student, JaMai Sanders in 2007. JaMai learned that children in foster care often use black plastic garbage bags as they move from home to home. She started her own initiative with co-sponsor Nicki Sanders of The Teen Toolbox, and since 2007 they have organized this annual drive, and collected and delivered more than 951 purses filled with personal hygiene items to 25 organizations that support foster care children! Shout out to JaMai and Nicki!

We are especially honored that Serena Hargraves was able to represent Watkins Hornets Youth Association and present the purses and totes that afternoon at an event in Upper Marlboro. Serena impressed the crowd with her passion talking about our Watkins family Great job, Serena ! 

It is very important that we  teach our children the importance of community service and giving back and help others. Regardless of how bad our own situation is, there is always someone else who needs our help. Watkins Hornets Youth Association will continue to participation in community service projecs.

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