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WATKINS HORNETS- What Makes us Different Is What Makes Us Great! Our student athletes work hard, play smart, and win both on and off the fields... We would like to thank all of our student athletes, parents, coaches, team moms, sponsors, and volunteers for building Watkins Hornets into one of the top programs in the nation. We are enjoying a successful 2013 season, and are looking forward to building upon that success.
We currently have over 250 student athletes participating in our program including 50 cheer leaders. The current age range of our football players is 5-13, and our cheerleaders 5-15.
We currently field the following teams:

D1 JM (Junior Midgets) 
D1 PW (Pee Wee)
D1 JPW (Junior Pee Wee)
D1 MM (Mighty Mites)
D1 TM (Tiny Mites)
D2 JPW (Junior Pee Wee)

D2 MM (Mighty Mites)
D2 TM (Tiny Mites)
D3 TM (Tiny Mites)


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